Charitable Organizations

The firm offers legal counseling services to a wide variety of charitable organizations from religious or religious-related organizations to service clubs, fire and rescue organizations, agricultural expositions, and the like. Charitable organizations are under the regulatory authority of both the State of Pennsylvania and the federal government, particularly the Internal Revenue Service. Often, charitable organizations seek to be recognized as a “tax exempt” organization under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. That process typically involves an application for recognition of exemption to be completed and submitted to the Internal Revenue Service for review. That qualification process particularly to qualify an organization as a 501(c)3 (a pure charity) allows the organization to solicit charitable donations. There are a large number of other charitable organizations in addition to the 501(c)3 classification. The firm has represented charitable organizations for many years. As a courtesy to the community, the firm offers discounted services to religious organizations and, a slightly lesser discount for non-religious charitable organizations as part of its citizenship to the community.


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