Upon the death of a family member or other loved one, it often is necessary to pursue an estate administration. An estate administration has been compared to the process of closing down a going business. All acquire property and other assets during our lifetimes and typically make various provisions for the distribution of those assets upon our passing. The event of death often triggers various death tax reporting and payment consequences to both the State of Pennsylvania and the federal government. The firmís estate administration department assists individuals and families with the estate administration process with a view towards limiting death taxes, income taxes and expenses. The services which are provided include items such as counseling with respect to liquidation of assets including real estate and business assets; completion of accountings to be presented to beneficiaries, completion of inventories, compilation and filing of Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax returns and where applicable federal estate tax returns as well as many of the other incidental and subordinate functions relating to estate administration. Family members may be called upon to help settle another personís estate perhaps only once or twice during a lifetime. The firmís estate administration department can both assist an individual named in a capacity of executor with duties and relieve much of the stress and concern relative to estate administration. The firm has lengthy experience in agricultural estate-related issues such as various tax savings techniques known as farmland valuation.


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