The permanency of real estate has made real estate the subject of a large body of law relative to the use of real estate as collateral for loans, the division of real estate through what is known as a subdivision process, the restriction of the use of real estate by covenants or restrictions running against the land, the creation of easements or agreements pertaining to real estate including commercial leases, and the like. The firm has assisted both commercial and residential clients with their real estate needs for over sixty-five years. Services include assisting in the preparation and/or negotiation of agreements of sale for real estate, examining titles to real estate, drafting deeds, mortgages, easements and other documents pertaining to real estate as well as conducting real estate closings.  Since the 1970s, the real estate practice in the Lehigh Valley area, and in Pennsylvania generally, often involves the issuance of a title insurance policy to both a person acquiring real estate and/or a bank or mortgage company using real estate as collateral. The firm is an agent for Commonwealth Land Title and Land America, premier title insurers within the title insurance industry and as such is equipped to provide title insurance to meet the client’s needs pertaining to real estate transactions. The firm assists in providing counseling concerning various real estate tax elections including Act 319 and Act 515 (sometimes referred to as clean and green real estate tax elections)


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